Nov 12, 2016

Hi... who are you?

I used to have a test message here, but then I realized that, contrary to what I thought, there actually are live links out there to this page. So, I suppose it's possible, if unlikely, that somebody who isn't me or the wonderful squishy person who helps me with this website is reading this. If so... hi! Who are you? No, really, I'm really curious about you - like, I'm imaging this message you're reading as a signpost in the woods well off the hiking trail in a small town somewhere, enough so that only a small handful of people will come across it if any, such that I, the sign-writer, could sit down with all those people at one table and have coffee with you all and you could tell me about your lives. How are you? Are you okay? Maybe you're not... but I think things are going to be okay. I don't know that, of course, but I think if we have each other's backs we'll be alright. Is it an empty promise if I say I have yours?

(This is a blog I'm working on. It's not ready yet, obviously. Check again soon! Should be up in December.)

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Nov 11, 2016

Why everything is great and the best

Sometimes things just rule, and grad school is the best, and I get paid for doing things I would do anyhow, and things that komugi likes. Besides, I have a cutie pie that derbles all over the place, and if that's not the best then...

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Nov 10, 2016

On Komugology

The philosophy of the Komugi can get a big complex, despite the fact that the core tenet could not be more basic...

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